It was in 1916 that Jules Armand purchased the estate located in Valentons, a small market town 20 km from Bordeaux. It was taken over by his daughter Gabrielle and son-in-law Jean Félicien Meynard coming back from the First World War.

The vineyard following various extensions assumed different names : sucessively Clos des Valentons, then Château des Valentons-Canteloup under the rule of Fernand MEYNARD their son and Marcelle herself coming from a winegrower family of Ambès, domain Thilède-Grillon.

Fernand is a dedicated fruit grower now also famous for his pear production of outstanding quality. He himself planted the trees ,mostly after the big frost of 1956 that ruined half of the vineyard. Fernand went on enlarging his estate buying in 1973 Bois Malot, a château adjoining his property.

Since 1980 it is his son Jacques who is in charge of keeping the family tradition. Thanks to his collaboration with his father the cuvée tradition was created in 1985 and so was the Clairet.

Jacques also followed his predecessors adding new plots of land to the estate that now comprises around 30 ha of vineyard and 3 ha of pear trees. He also diversified the production to some white wines either of subtle fruitiness (Entre Deux Mers and cuvée Marine) or fleshy and oaky such as the cuvée Tradition.

The cuvée Excentrique, a rare wine created in 2003, is so called as it comes from an unusual blending of Petit verdot and Merlot.

Château Bois Malot and château Valentons Canteloup are presently sold on all five Continents.


The soil

The combined effects of two rivers, the Garonne and the Dordogne,and of the soil structure (alluvial clay and ferruginous gravels subsoil) favour such earliness and concentration that there is no cause to be jealous of more famous soils


The crew

Jacques Meynard is assisted by a team of six, each one with skills and abilitiess indispensable to ensure the smooth running of the firm.


The vineyard management

Since 1998 the rules of sensible crop protection apply : treatments and work are well thought-of, according to the real needs and never systematic (environment friendly). We qualified in 2007 and a specialised technical follow-up is ensured.

The land is cultivated for its largest part.

Harvesting is mechanical with a sorter on board, but there is a second handling, manual, on a sorting table.

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